New LEGO Star Wars and Marvel keyrings coming in 2022

Five new LEGO minifigure keyrings are on the way in 2022, with characters including Ahsoka Tano, Grogu and Carnage in the mix.

All of the new keyrings are listed as ‘coming soon’ at, and while they don’t have a definitive release date at this stage, it’s safe to assume they’re probably going to be available from next year, given that’s only two weeks away now.

This isn’t Ahsoka’s first keyring – the Clone Wars character had another in 2008, alongside the debut of the animated show’s first season – but it will be the first time Grogu, Miles Morales and fellow Marvel character Carnage have all been available to attach to your keys.

Rounding out the quintet of new keyrings for 2022 is ‘French Bull Dog Guy’, who’s been renamed since appearing in Collectible Minifigures 71029 Series 21 as ‘Pug Costume Guy’. They’re not exactly the same breed, but they are pretty similar, so the LEGO Group can probably get away with that one.

All of these keyrings will retail for £4.99 in the UK, $5.99 in the US and €4.99 in Europe. Yes, even tiny Grogu. Hit the links below to find each one at

854153 Miles Morales Keyring
854154 Carnage Keyring
854186 Ahsoka Tano Key Chain
854187 Grogu Keyring
854158 French Bull Dog Guy Keyring

And no, we’ve no idea why Ahsoka is a ‘key chain’ when all the rest are keyrings, either.

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