New LEGO Halloween sets are now available

A duo of spooky new LEGO sets is now available on the official online store with the latest in the Seasonal animals collection swooping in.

Halloween may be a little later in the year, but the LEGO Group seemingly thinks it’s never too early to celebrate the season of spooks, tricks and treats as the online store is now home to two new models.

Those hoping to decorate their home this August can look towards 40493 Spider & Haunted House Pack but collectors may find more interest in 40497 Halloween Owl, the latest creation in a range of realistic animal builds depicted amongst a seasonal base. The set joins 40462 Valentine’s Brown Bear, 40463 Easter Bunny and the upcoming Christmas penguin.

Here’s the full list of LEGO Seasonal sets launching August 1:

40493 Spider & Haunted House Pack
40497 Halloween Owl

A first look at 40497 Halloween Owl reveals that the hidden details found in each of the previous animal builds continue, with a miniature build of a bat stored within the base and only visible during construction.

Those planning to purchase 40497 Halloween Owl might want to consider adding 40493 Spider & Haunted House Pack to the basket too for a suitably ghoulish pair of Seasonal models.

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